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About Heating Spares

Heating Spares are approval stockist of Kane products.

We stock a wide range of Kane Gas Analysers, Kane 455, Kane 455 Pro Kit, Kane 455 Kit, Kane 455 CPA1 Kit, Kane Com-Cat Kit, Kane 457, Kane Gas Leak Detectors, Digital Multimeters, infra red thermometers, Digital Thermometers, Rechargeable Batteries, Printer Rolls and much more.

Kane 455 Gas Analysers

  Compact boiler analyser with high accuracy pressure readings. Four line display controlled by 9 position rotary switch. Long life sensors measure CO2 direct (0-20%) and CO (0-2,000ppm). Measures differential pressure and differential temperature. Calculates O2, CO/CO2 ratio, excess air and efficiency for gaseous fuels and light oils (28/35 sec).Infra-red output to printer. Prints reports for combustion, pressure, let-by/tightness, temperature and room CO build up. Fitted with protective rubber sleeve with integral magnet. Supplied with KMCP2 flue probe, 4 NiMh rechargeable batteries, charger, 2 pressure fittings and manual. Also includes ASP2 Appliance Sampling Probe kit, 12V charger, Quick Reference DVD and a large carry case.

KANE 455 CPA1 Kit
Kane 455 CPA1 Kit

  KANE 455 CPA1 kit provides all the equipment required for commissioning, servicing and installing new gas appliances. Multi-fuel: Natural Gas, Propane, Butane, LPG, Light Oils (28/35 sec), and Wood Pellets. “Send” button for instant printout and logging. Print separate reports for: Combustion, pressure let-by/tightness, temperature & room CO build up. Low cost of ownership with 5 year extended warranty if serviced annually by Kane.

KANE 455 PRO Kit

Kane 455 PRO Kit
  KANE 455 Pro kit includes Gas leak detector, air/liquid probe,pressure hoses and 2 x clamp on pipe probes. “Send” button for instant printout and logging. Print separate reports for: Combustion, pressure let-by/ightness, temperature & room CO build up. Designed to meet BS7927, BS7967 and EN50379. Low cost of ownership.

KANE 455 Oil Kit

Kane 455 OIL Kit
  KANE 455 Oil Kit specifically designed to servicing, commissioning and maintenance of oil-fired appliances. Includes oil pressure gauges, compound pressure and vacuum gauge, high pressure hoses and a smoke pump. Multi-fuel: Natural Gas, Propane, Butane, LPG, Light Oils (28/35 sec), and Wood Pellets. “Send” button for instant print out and logging. Print separate reports for: Combustion, pressure let-by/tightness, temperature & room CO build up. Designed to meet BS7927, BS7967 and EN50379. Low cost of ownership with 5 year extended warranty if serviced annually by Kane.

Flow Cup 0666123
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Bahco Ratchet Socket Set 2058/S26
All Gas appliance products and parts MUST be fitted by a qualified, competent and fully registered member of the Gas Safe Register Gas Safe Register

Next Day Delivery

UK Next Day Delivery only £6.99! for items under 25kg. Orders placed before 4pm will be dispatched the same day except weekends and bank holidays. Orders placed after 4pm or during weekends or bank holidays will be dispatched the following working day. Saturday Delivery option is available during the checkout process for the items to be dispatched on Friday.

Valor Oxypilot Unit 0540979
Valor Piezo Unit 0507669
Valor Fitment & Ceramics 0570079
Valor Burner Module 0555421
Valor Slider Control 0541329
Valor Insulation Burner 5130583
Valor Gasket Burner 5130604
Valor Gasket Burner 5130582
Valor Sump Gasket 5130578
Valor Seal 0547629
Vailor Ingition/Ionisation Kit 5130293
Valor Pilot & Electrode Unit Assembly 0524939
Valor PCB 5131263
Valor Thermocouple 0509839
Valor Microswitch 5121755
Valor Oxypilot 0576589
Valor Spark Generator 0518269
Robinson Willey Pilot Burner SP992495
Robinson Willey Piezo Unit For Tap SP987344
Valor Gas Tap 0569429
Valor Tap Assy 0544609
Valor Gas Tap Assembly 0540919
Valor Control Knob 544639
Robinson Willey Control Knob SP992505
Robinson Willey Control Knob SP820863
Robinson Willey Flue Spigots SP860405
Robinson Willy Oxypilot SP822541
Robinson Willey Seal SP991972
Valor Gasket Adaptor 5130555
Valor Control Knob 0547359
Valor Gas Tap 0513429
Valor Alum Washer 5130601
Valor Spark Electrode 0534149
Valor Piezo, Nut and Lead 0550539
Valor Gas Tap Interrupter Switch 0502869
Valor Thermal Switch & Lead 0538949
Valor Gas Tap & Pizo 0579089
Valor Ignitor Firing Tip 0531559
Valor Piezo Unit 0521069
Robinson Willey Control Knob SP991967
Valor Thermocouple 0522999
Valor Spark Generator & Circlip 5108923
Valor Control Knob 0579419
Valor Radiant 0544649
Valor Pilot Unit 0579029
Valor Pilot Unit 0579099
Valor Igniter Unit 5122420
Valor Piezo Spark Generator 402S083 NLA
Valor Piezo Generator 0525339
Valor Control Knob 0544659
Valor Control Knob 0505049
Valor Microswitch 0540959
Valor Lower Injector 0538079
Valor Thermocouple Interrupter 0522389
Valor F.S.D. Valve 0540899
Valor Pilot & Electrode Assembly 0524939
Valor Tropic Tap Control Knob 0518279
Valor Control Knob & Clip Assembly 0513279
Valor Control Knob 0520799
Valor Thermostat & Lead Assembly 0540279
Valor Thermocouple 0549509
Valor Pilot Unit 3002988
Valor Interrupter Block 5108851
Valor Microswitch 0540969
Valor Oxypilot 0545949
Robinson Willey Piezo Unit SW55/69
Valor Oxypilot Unit 0540979
Valor Piezo Unit 0507669
Valor Fitment & Ceramics 0570079
Valor Burner Module 0555421
Valor Slider Control 0541329
Valor Insulation Burner 5130583
Valor Gasket Burner 5130604
Valor Gasket Burner 5130582
Valor Sump Gasket 5130578
Valor Seal 0547629
Vailor Ingition/Ionisation Kit 5130293
Valor Pilot & Electrode Unit Assembly 0524939
Valor PCB 5131263
Valor Thermocouple 0509839
Valor Microswitch 5121755
Valor Oxypilot 0576589
Valor Spark Generator 0518269
Robinson Willey Pilot Burner SP992495
Robinson Willey Piezo Unit For Tap SP987344
Valor Gas Tap 0569429
Valor Tap Assy 0544609
Valor Gas Tap Assembly 0540919
Valor Control Knob 544639
Robinson Willey Control Knob SP992505
Robinson Willey Control Knob SP820863
Robinson Willey Flue Spigots SP860405
Robinson Willy Oxypilot SP822541
Robinson Willey Seal SP991972
Valor Gasket Adaptor 5130555
Valor Control Knob 0547359
Valor Gas Tap 0513429
Valor Alum Washer 5130601
Valor Spark Electrode 0534149
Valor Piezo, Nut and Lead 0550539
Valor Gas Tap Interrupter Switch 0502869
Valor Thermal Switch & Lead 0538949
Valor Gas Tap & Pizo 0579089
Valor Ignitor Firing Tip 0531559
Valor Piezo Unit 0521069
Robinson Willey Control Knob SP991967
Valor Thermocouple 0522999
Valor Spark Generator & Circlip 5108923
Valor Control Knob 0579419
Valor Radiant 0544649
Valor Pilot Unit 0579029
Valor Pilot Unit 0579099
Valor Igniter Unit 5122420
Valor Piezo Spark Generator 402S083 NLA
Valor Piezo Generator 0525339
Valor Control Knob 0544659
Valor Control Knob 0505049
Valor Microswitch 0540959
Valor Lower Injector 0538079
Valor Thermocouple Interrupter 0522389
Valor F.S.D. Valve 0540899
Valor Pilot & Electrode Assembly 0524939
Valor Tropic Tap Control Knob 0518279
Valor Control Knob & Clip Assembly 0513279
Valor Control Knob 0520799
Valor Thermostat & Lead Assembly 0540279
Valor Thermocouple 0549509
Valor Pilot Unit 3002988
Valor Interrupter Block 5108851
Valor Microswitch 0540969
Valor Oxypilot 0545949
Robinson Willey Piezo Unit SW55/69
Chaffoteaux Fan Assembly 61314434
Ariston Fan Assembly 61314434
Ariston Return Group 65101257
Ariston Flow Group 65104312
Chaffoteaux Main Gas Valve 60041290
Ariston Fan Assembly 999204
Ariston Isolating Valve 1/2 995485
Ariston Auto Air Vent 995367
Ariston Service Kit 65101288
Ariston Microswitch 998172
Ariston 3 Way Spring Kit 65105065
Arsiton Temperature/Pressure Relief Valve 969046
Ariston Tap 65102016
Ariston Air Valve Fitting 998564
Ariston Tap 573543
Ariston Expansion Reflief Valve 6 Bar 573139
Ariston Heat Valve Kit 60081237
Ariston Panel Kit 65104679
Ariston Printed CircuitI Board 65104448
Ariston Door Gasket 60000623
Ariston Pump 60000591
Ariston Fan 998806
Ariston Automatic Air Vent 571639
Ariston Switch 569424
Ariston Heat Exchanger 65104333
Ariston Safety Valve 65103222
Ariston Expansion Vessel 65101719
Ariston Pump 65101417
Ariston Flow Detection Kit 65100540
Ariston Locking Mechanism Assy 60081799
Ariston Isolating Valve 999582
Ariston Service Kit 012475
Ariston Heating Actuator Bush 998974
Ariston Auto Air Vent 995865
Ariston Pressure Relief Valve 573172
Ariston Fan 65102567
Ariston Fan 65102248
Ariston Clip 61010609
Ariston Fan Kit 999110
Ariston Thermostat 691216
Ariston Air Pressure Switch 573989
Ariston Expansion Vessel Pipe 570587
Ariston Fan Assy 569431
Ariston Cable 65100579
Ariston Diaphragam 60032664
Ariston Overheat Thermostat 996065
Ariston Spring 573808
Chaffoteaux Bearing Ring 60034118
Ariston Screw 61010131
Ariston Heat Exchanger 571646
Ariston PCB 65109138-03
Ariston Water Sensor 65102572
Ariston Pressure Guage 65100695
Ariston PCB 999501
Ariston On-Off Push Button Kit 997250
Ariston DHW Flow Switch 995948
Ariston Thermistor 990686
Ariston Printed Circuit Board 953770
Ariston PCB 950131
Ariston Control Knob Kit 573043
Ariston Electrode Gasket 65102215
Ariston Spark Generator 65102177
Ariston Flange Gasket 65100282
Ariston Gasket 60000316
Ariston Gasket 60000315
Ariston Overheat Thermostat 571829
Ariston Thermostat 997723
Chaffoteaux Black Knob 61014161
Ariston Temperature Sensor Clip 61002083
Ariston Digital Clock 999600
Ariston Isolating Valve D.C.W. Inlet 997741
Ariston Time Clock 997207
Ariston Motor 997147
Ariston Pump Head 65102902
Ariston Gas Valve 65102247
Ariston Air Pressure Switch 65102232-01
Ariston Electrode 65102199
Ariston Electrode 65102198
Ariston One Way Valve 65101592
Ariston PCB 65101374
Ariston Fan Gasket 65100707
Ariston Ionization Electrode 61317433
Ariston Ignition Electrode 61317432
Chaffoteaux Clip 61010050
Ariston Spring Clip 998064
Ariston Cable 996119
Ariston Diverter Valve Repair Kit 573603
Ariston Electrode 573441
Ariston Diaphragm 571547
Ariston DHW Diaphragm 571446
Ariston Clip 61012983
Ariston Gasket 3/4 573520
Ariston O-Ring 65104325
Ariston O Ring 65104262
Ariston O-Ring 61308091
Ariston O-Ring 60000850
Ariston Spark Generator 65100514
Ariston Safety Valve 998447
Ariston Air Pressure Switch 60081725
Ariston PCB 65101294
Ariston 3-Way Spring Kit 998975
Ariston Temperature Probe 998458
Ariston Air Seperator Head Assembly - 61304608
Ariston Air Pressure Switch - 571651-01
Ariston Air Pressure Switch - 573579
Ariston Air Pressure Switch - 998484
Ariston Air Pressure Switch - 65102164-01
Ariston DHW Flowswitch - 999075
Ariston Thermistor Temperature Sensor - 990405
Ariston PCB Display - 65102235
Ariston Pump Gasket - 998738
Ariston Reset Button - 998604
Ariston Microswitch - 570713
Ariston Motor Support - 65100770
Ariston Actuator Kit - 998941
Ariston NTC Probe - 65104338
Ariston PCB - 691056
Ariston PCB - 65101255
Ariston Isolating Valve 3/4" - 570744
Ariston Spring Kit (3-Way) - 571447
Ariston Isolating Valve 3/4" - 995486
Ariston Flow Group - 996049
Ariston Heating Actuator Bush - 998013
Ariston Gasket - 65101038
Ariston Cable - 999918
Ariston Fixing Clip - 997077
Ariston Fan Assembly - 573434
Ariston Microswitch - 573340
Ariston Pump 61301964
Ariston R/H Ignition Electrode 65100693
Ariston L/H Ignition Electrode 65100250
Ariston Electrode 998624
Ariston Electrode 65100692
Ariston L/H Ignition Electrode 65100694
Ariston PCB 953045
Ariston Ignition Electrode 65100251
Ariston O-Ring 573825
Ariston O-Ring Gasket 998517
Ariston O-Ring 998424
Ariston O-Ring 61009834-30
Ariston O-Ring 61009834-14
Ariston O-Ring 60024164-18
Ariston Lip Seal 61002249
Ariston Venturi 573314
Ariston Mechanical Clock 999599
Ariston Gas Valve 65100244
Ariston Pump Head 996615
Ariston Pump & Air Separator 61303461
Ariston Gas Valve 573457
Ariston PCB 953730
Ariston Printed Circuit board 65103508
Ariston PCB 950331
Ariston Printed Circuit Board 952975
Ariston Printed Circuit Board 952981
Ariston Fan Assembly 61009106
Ariston Gas Valve 65100516
Ariston Diverter Valve Complete 998069
Ariston Pump 996613
Ariston Pump 996614
Ariston PCB 65103422
Ariston PCB 65100248
Ariston Printed Circuit Board 65101732
Ariston Fan Assembly 572990
Ariston Fan Assembly 998807
Ariston Fan Assembly 65102566
Ariston Gas Valve 999089
Ariston Fan Assembly 999397
Ariston Fan Assembly 572989
Ariston Main Circuit Flow Switch 65100519
Baxi Thermistor 230204
Baxi Thermistor 244540
Baxi Control Knob 237879
Baxi Pilot Tap 042664
Baxi Injector Pilot 225492
Baxi Cable 247768
Cable 4 Way To Gas Valve 5106003
Baxi 2 Part 5-way connector 414387
Baxi Spares Kit Condensate 5118972
Baxi Gas Vavle 236579
Baxi Thermostat Valve & Injector 3002927
Baxi Gas Valve 5114734
Baxi Gas Valve 720301001
Baxi Coalbed Pack Insulation 244835
Baxi Barcelona Control Kit 5115164
Baxi PCB 236843
Baxi Ignition PCB 247399
Baxi Insulation 248011
Baxi Electrical Box Cover 248088
Baxi Ignition PCB 248673
Baxi Kit PCB 5106789
Baxi Kit Harness 5113412
Baxi Clip Retaining 5138679
Baxi Gasket 5114755
Baxi Seal Graphite Flue Hood 5117681
Baxi Fan 5115501
Baxi Sequence Controller PCB 225120BAX
Baxi Burner 043093
Baxi Control Knob SV243261
Baxi Control Knob SV234643
Baxi Front Cover/Exchanger Assy 5112390
Baxi Gas Valve 102235
Baxi Standard Efficiency Flue 247719
Baxi Control Knob 234637
Baxi Electrode 242155BAX
Baxi Control Knob 043032
Baxi Control Knob 042894
Baxi Pilot Assy 5111507
Baxi Thermocouple 242157BAX
Baxi Burner Pilot Injector Kit 242078BAX
Baxi Oxypilot 240096BAX
Baxi Oxypilot 235601
Baxi Kit Generator 232804
Baxi Thermocouple 226262
Baxi Control Knob 090159
Baxi Gas Tap Assembly 0540919
Baxi Thermostat C77P0112
Baxi Control Knob 234551
Baxi 2 Way Rocker Switch 228954
Baxi Adaptor Control Knob 092103
Baxi Pilot Assy 234099
Baxi Sealing Washer 247744
Baxi Rubber Seal 247764
Baxi Flue Adaptor 5112369
Baxi Lampholder Assembly 247832
Baxi Fan Manifold Gasket 247710
Baxi Heat Exchanger Rubber Seal 242500
Baxi Door Side Panel Seal 242483
Baxi Flue Seal 237259
Baxi Gas Tap 232302BAX
Baxi Gasket: 230684
Baxi Extension 5114762
Baxi Heat Exchanger 5112431
Baxi Expansion Vessel With Storage 248722
Baxi Kit Burner 5114009
Baxi Gas Tap 0536039
Baxi O-Ring 5114756
Baxi O-Ring 5107611
Baxi O-Ring 240675
Baxi Lip Seal 235875
Baxi Thermocouple T73-750
Baxi Electrodes Kit 5132097
Baxi NTC Sensor 5114747
Baxi Electrodes Kit 5110992
Baxi Gas Valve/Igniter Cable 248204
Baxi Sensing Electrode 247383
Baxi Qxypilot 246025
Baxi Sensing Electrode Kit 244737
Baxi Thermocouple Interrupt Kit 243737
Baxi Electrodes Kit 242490
Baxi Electrode 234160
Baxi Electrode 082187BAX
Baxi Thermostat CL6P0114
Baxi Igniton Seal Kit 5130586
Baxi Sensor 5130291
Baxi Potentiometer Assy Spares 5107803
Baxi 3 Way Valve Motor Cable 248737
Baxi Oxypilot 237818
Baxi Injector 102041
Baxi Electrode Lead 043043
Baxi Plug & Socket 3 Pin 5134533
Baxi Wiring Harness 5130619
Baxi Earth/Wiring Harness 5114770
Baxi Injector 1.18mm 247439
Baxi Flow Switch Lead 242891
Baxi Spark Generator 240257BAX
Baxi Pilot Kit 236142
Baxi Wire 231707BAX
Baxi Electrode Lead 102143
Potterton Safety Relief Valve P107
Baxi Filter Electrical 248743
Baxi Gas Tap 247485
Baxi RH Manifold 243953
Baxi Thermostat 227786
Baxi Gas Valve V4600C1417U
Baxi Auto Air Vent 720004701
Baxi 3-Way Valve Assy 5114718
Baxi Pressure Differential Assy 248728
Baxi Pump Over Run Kit 240340
Baxi 3 Way Valve Motor 710188301
Baxi Outlet Assy 5132456
Baxi Gas Valve 5107812
Baxi Burner - Ceramic 5107430
Baxi Flow Switch 5107297
Baxi Diverter Valve 247395
Baxi Stud Spcer 223990
Baxi Hall Effect Sensor 5114767
Baxi Radiant Assembly 5110472
Baxi Cable 248207
Baxi Selector Switch 248095
Baxi Combi Fixing Clip 248060
Baxi Safety Valve 248056
Baxi Heat Exchanger 248046
Baxi Grommet 248045
Baxi Clip 248023
Baxi Roof Terminal Adaptor Kit 247940
Baxi Thermocouple 102005
Baxi Diaphragm Kit 5111141
Baxi Pressure Gauge 5118385
Baxi PCB 5120220
Baxi PCB 5121025
Baxi Fan 720011701
Baxi PCB 5121862
Baxi Sequence Controller 232376bax
Baxi Air Pressure Switch 5137530
Baxi Air Pressure Switch 5137529
Baxi Piezo Ignitor 042941
Baxi Ignition Lead 5114701
Baxi Flame Sensing Cable 5114749
Baxi 135 deg. Plume Elbow Pair 5121370
Baxi Filling Loop 5119495
Baxi Standard Flue 5118489
Baxi Plume Displacement (inc elblow) 60/100 5118638
Baxi 25/50 Deg Pitch Roof Flashing 5122151
Baxi 1m Plume Extention 5121368
Baxi Spark Generator Kit 040456
Baxi Burner - Pilot Sensing 233560
Baxi Thermocouple Couple Interuptor 640845
Baxi Electrode & Lead Assy 407618
Baxi Primary Heat Exhanger 248017
Baxi Insulation - Front Panel 248013
Baxi Joint Assembly 247998
Baxi Gas Valve Kit 720514301
Baxi Thermostat 233952
Baxi Cartridge 3 Way Valve 241361
Baxi Flow Switch Manifold 240667
Baxi Oxypilot 236916BAX
Baxi Oxypilot 236204BAX
Baxi Ionization Electrode 720222901
Baxi PCB 720043401
Baxi Actuator 5132452
Baxi PCB 5120219
Baxi Sensing Electrode Lead 5112382
Baxi Control Knob 5107344
Baxi Expansion Vessel 5113000
Baxi PCB 241838
Baxi Gas Tap Control Knob Kit 240829
Baxi Pilot Solenoid 238295
Baxi Water Heat Exchanger 237472
Baxi Filling Loop Kit 248221
Baxi Vertical Flue 5118576
Baxi 135 deg. Elbow 5111076
Baxi 1m Flue Extention 5111074
Baxi Piezo Ignition Kit 239289
Baxi Burner Assembly 5134747
Baxi Electro-Magnet Unit 082462
Baxi Bermuda Inset 2 Electro-Magnet Unit 239413
Baxi Microswitch Kit 232333
Baxi Connection Tail 248229
Baxi Pressure Gauge 248090
Baxi Thermocouple 243870
Baxi Diaphragm Replacement Kit 5111139
Baxi Heat Exchanger 248723
Baxi Heat Exchanger 248048
Baxi Heat Exchanger 241160
Baxi Control Panel Front Facia 245681
Baxi Pump Replacement Kit 5113411
Baxi Timer Kit 247206
Baxi Elbow 248227
Baxi Isolation Tap 248225
Baxi Isolation Tap 248226
Baxi Sight Glass Viewing Window 247436
Baxi Instant Lens 248367
Baxi Viewing Window Kit 100017
Baxi Pump Connecting Element 248054
Baxi Viewing Window Kit 225121
Baxi Control Knob 248092
Baxi Seal 240676
Baxi Ignitor 248097
Baxi Drive Pin 248096
Baxi Hydraulic Venturi Assembly 248051
Baxi Seal 242489
Baxi Seal 224051
Baxi Flow Switch 242459
Baxi Control Knob Assembly 236394BAX
Baxi Gas Service Tap Kit 040812
Baxi Isolation Tap 248224
Baxi Drain Tap 248055
Baxi Temperature Sensor 5108265
Baxi Temperature Sensor 5106471
Baxi Limit Thermostat 248079
Baxi Overheat Thermostat Kit 5106746
Baxi Thermostat 240670
Baxi Overheat Flue Thermostat 5112395
Baxi Overheat Thermostat 242235
Baxi Gas Tap Assembly 042872
Baxi Pilot Ignition Electrode 102024
Baxi Ignition Electrode 247384
Baxi Spark Ignition Electrode 223940
Baxi Condensate Trap Assembly Kit 247015BAX
Baxi Oxypilot Assembly Kit 238292BAX
Baxi Thermostat 102027
Baxi Control Knob 248093
Baxi Heating Pressure Switch 5114748
Baxi Overheat Thermostat Kit 5115349
Baxi Thermostat 231825BAX
Baxi Thermostat 227799
Baxi Boiler Thermostat 042818
Baxi Thermostat 232156
Baxi Control Knob 042717
Baxi Thermocouple 225496BAX
Baxi Thermocouple 243215
Baxi Ignitor 5114766
Baxi Pilot Burner Q359A1041
Baxi Oxypilot 240117BAX
Baxi Sensing Electrode Lead 248098
Baxi Ignition Electrode Lead 248037
Baxi Ignitor & Gas Valve Cable 5112385
Baxi Flow Switch 240753
Baxi Bahama 100 Manifold Valve 240483
Baxi Wiring Harness 247699
Baxi Thermostat C77P0130
Baxi Combi Flow Switch Kit 247502
Baxi Gasket 5114772
Baxi Diaphragm 248066
Baxi Injector Pilot 232150BAX
Baxi Spark Electrode 232151
Baxi Diaphragm Repair Kit 5111138
Baxi Diaphragm 248619
Baxi Diaphragm 248065
Baxi Diaphragm 248838
Baxi Gasket 5114752
Baxi Ignition Electrode 720222801
Baxi Automatic Air Vent 240396
Baxi Automatic Air Vent 248043
Baxi Terminal Block 247480
Baxi Gasket 247435
Baxi Gasket 232094BAX
Baxi Differential Valve 248734
Baxi Air Pressure Switch 230068
Baxi Air Pressure Switch 720011401
Baxi O-Ring 5113314
Baxi Tap Adaptor 5113313
Baxi Washer 5112398
Baxi Washer 5112397
Baxi Venturi 247417
Baxi Venturi 5112621
Kane 455 Installer Kit
Kane 6mm Depth Stop Cone 17320
Kane 3 Way Tee 8825
Kane Differential Pressure Meter KANE3500-1
Kane Differential Pressure Meter KANE3200
Kane Gas Leak Detector CD100A
Kane Oil Pressure & Vacuum Test Kit KOPVTK
Kane 455 Boiler alyserser
Kane Replacement Filter Elements PF400/5
Kane 100-1
Kane Air/Liquid Probe KAL1
Kane 100 Kit
Kane Carry Case 17820
Kane Carry Case 14102/2
Kane Differential Pressure Meters KANE 3100-1
KANE Carbon Monoxide Meter CO75
Kane Pressure Relief Device PRD1
Kane Manual Smoke Pump KANE MSP
Kane Differential Pressure Meter M3005
Kane Digital Thermometers DT150
Kane Infra-red Thermometer INF200
Kane Infra-red Thermometer INF151
Kane Alert CO2 Monitor
Kane Gas Leak Detector LS1/B
Kane ASP2 Probe Kit ASP2
Kane 455 Oil Kit
Kane Digital Multimeter DM393C
Kane 250 Kit
Kane 455 PRO KIT
Kane455 Kit
Kane Leak-Sense
Kane Thermal Paper Roll TP5
Kane Rechargeable Batteries B15
Kane Car Charger KMCU450/12
Kane Mains AC charger KMCU250/UK
Kane Pipe Probe KPCP
Kane Infra-red Printer KANE IRP
Kane PDT550 Digital Thermometer
Kane Hand Held Gas Leak Detector GLD/450 Plus
Baxi Sealing Washer 248735
Baxi O-Ring 248044
Baxi O-Ring 245009
Baxi O-Ring 248020
Baxi O-Ring 247429
Baxi O-Ring 248021
Baxi O-Ring 248019
Baxi O-Ring 248018
Baxi Sealing Washer 247745
Baxi Gasket 248049
Baxi Cable 248218
Baxi Air Pressure Switch 247380
Baxi Barcelona Burner Assembly 242492
Baxi Burner Assembly 245199
Baxi Gas Tap 243202
Baxi Gas Valve VR4700C4022
Baxi Gas Kit 5122286
Baxi Expansion Tank 240388
Baxi Gas Valve 236129BAX
Baxi Gas Valve 231857BAX
Baxi Gas Valve 241857
Baxi Gas Valve 5107339
Baxi Gas Valve Kit 247222
Baxi Gas Valve 225959
Baxi Gas Valve 245122
Baxi Gas Valve 242473
Baxi Gas Valve 229418
Baxi Gas Valve Assembly 241900
Baxi Gas Valve 245341
Baxi Expansion Vessel 248024
Baxi Primary Heat Exchanger 5112431
Baxi Connections Vacuum Pack 248212
Baxi Secondary Heat Exchanger 5112388
Baxi Diverter Valve Body 247310
Baxi 3 Way Valve Assembly 235838
Baxi DHW Outlet Connection 248064
Baxi Diverter Valve 240398
Baxi Diverter Valve 243341
Baxi Hydraulic Outlet Assembly 248490
Baxi Hydraulic Inlet Assembly 248246
Baxi 3 Way Valve Assembly 248727
Baxi Hydraulic Outlet Assembly 248061
Baxi 3 Way Valve Assembly 5118381
Baxi Pump 248042
Baxi Hydraulic Inlet 248050
Baxi Manifold Pump Valve 242369
Baxi Pump 248041
Baxi Plate Heat Exchanger 247224
Baxi Primary Heat Exchanger 248016
Baxi Electronic Control PCB 5106789
Baxi Promax System HE Electronic Control PCB 241837
Baxi Electronic Control PCB 240603
Baxi Controls Condens Kit 247794
Baxi Side Insulation 247424
Baxi Pump Wiring 5118390
Baxi HE Plus Harness 5114341
Baxi Air Pressure Switch Kit 226060
Baxi Condensate Trap Kit 5111714
Baxi Control PCB 245005
Baxi Ignition PCB 240602
Baxi PCB 5120218
Baxi PCB 245131
Baxi Duo Tec 40HE PCB Spares Kit 5122287
Baxi PCB Spares Kit 5120217
Baxi PCB Kit 5115164
Baxi PCB 5109761
Baxi Diaphragm Replacement Kit 5111140
Baxi Wiring Harness 5113420
Baxi PCB 248731
Baxi PCB 237730
Baxi Control PCB 231711BAX
Baxi PCB 248075
Baxi Fan 5109926
Baxi Fan Assembly 248001
Baxi Fan Spares 242472
Baxi Fan Kit 229422
Baxi Fan Assembly 5121447
Baxi Fan Assembly 246052
Baxi Fan Assembly 246051
Baxi Fan Assembly 5112627
Baxi Fan Assembly 5112430
Baxi Fan Assembly 240394
Baxi Fan Assembly 227040
Baxi Cable 248732
Baxi PCB 5112380
Baxi Condensate Trap 5111978
Baxi Microswitch Assembly 248067
Baxi Pressure Differential Assembly 248063
Baxi 3 Way Valve Assembly 248062
Baxi Pressure Relief Valve 5000721
Baxi Diaphragm Replacement Kit 5111137
Baxi Fan Assembly 229421
Baxi Heat Exchanger 248047
Baxi Temp Sensor 235840
Chaffoteaux Heat Exchanger 60061056-06
Chaffoteaux PCB 61012756
Chaffoteaux Soleniod Valve Kit 60081432
Chaffoteaux Flow Group 65105060
Chaffoteaux PCB 61011304
Chaffoteaux Water Section 60053116
Chaffoteaux PCB 24v 953083
Chaffoteaux PCB 60000571
Chaffoteaux Air Pressure Switch 61306697-01
Chaffoteaux Sight Glass Assembly 60081047
Chaffoteaux Temperature Knob 60074470
Chaffoteaux Water Return Service Tap 61312122
Chaffoteaux DHW Micro Switch 998921
Chaffoteaux Pressure Gauge 61303159
Chaffoteaux Pressure Gauge 61010256
Chaffoteaux Low Water Pressure Switch 995903
Chaffoteaux Water Section Repair Kit 60100605-30
Chaffoteaux Ignitor 61002105-20
Chaffoteaux Secondary Gas Valve Kit 60081164
Cahffoteaux Pressure Guage 65102220
Chaffoteaux Air Pressure Switch 61313340-01
Chaffoteaux Air Pressure Switch Kit 60081725-01
Chaffoteaux Pilot Valve Push Rod Assembly 60039060
Chaffoteaux Heat Valve Kit 60081237
Manifold Drain Assembly 87161056450
Chaffoteaux Thermistor Temp Sensor 61000733
Chaffoteaux Water Section Casting 6002320908
Chaffoteaux Spark Generator 65100249
Chaffoteaux Ignition Electrode 61314169
Chaffoteaux Electrode Cable 61313738
Chaffotteaux Fan Assembly 61010212
Chaffoteaux Fan Assmebly 61003011
Chaffoteaux Trap Plug 65103205
Chaffoteaux Pressure Relief Valve: 61312668
Chaffoteaux Water Return Service Tap 61312121
Chaffoteaux Pressure Relief Valve 61301927
Chaffoteaux Pressure Relief Valve Kit 61020933
Chaffoteaux Wire Assembly 61010331
Chaffoteaux Air Seperator Head Assembly 61002653
Chaffoteaux Igniter Assy 60081094
Chaffoteaux Main Gas Valve Nat 60038015
Chaffoteaux Thermocouple Nut 60032304
Chaffoteaux Heating Port Valve 61302411
Chaffoteaux Flexible Pipe Kit 60081824
Chaffoteaux Foam Seal 60026773
Chaffoteaux Pin 61308332
Chaffoteaux Overheat Thermostat 61303566
Chaffoteaux Clip 61303463
Chaffoteaux Clip 61301900
Chaffoteaux Clip 61010112
Chaffoteaux Clip 61010012
Chaffoteaux Clip 61010005
Chaffoteaux Clip 61002406
Chaffoteaux Air Pressure Switch 60081171
Chaffoteaux Clip 60079845
Chaffoteaux Flame Supervision Kit 60081394
Chaffoteaux Thermoelectric Valve 60034346
Chaffoteaux Screw M6 60019316-03
Chaffoteaux Gas Valve 61312123
Chaffoteaux Water Control 61301952
Chaffoteaux Injector 60014154-21
Chaffoteaux Heating Filter 61305560
Chaffoteaux Igniter 61312612
Chaffoteaux Thermocouple 61301164
Chaffoteaux Overheat Thermostst 154C 61301163
Chaffoteaux Gas Section Gaskets Kit 60081402
Chaffoteaux Manifold Gasket 60071226
Overheat Thermostat 60063776
Chaffoteaux Left Hand Hydraulic Block 61315510
Chaffoteaux Left Hand Hydraulic Block 61312303
Chaffoteaux Bypass Body 61010110
Chaffoteaux Composite Scaler Remover 13-16L 61000880
Chaffoteaux Ionization Electrode 61317433
Chaffoteaux Ignition Electrode 61317432
Chaffoteaux Diaphragm 60081016
Chaffoteaux Thermocouple 60063775-10
Chaffoteaux Thermocouple 60035083
Chaffoteaux Washer 60034377
Chaffoteaux Left Hand Hydraulic Block 61301956
Chaffoteaux Motor 60081953
Chaffoteaux Water Section Kit 60081911
Chaffoteaux 3 Way Valve 60081839
Chaffoteaux O-Ring 60024164-54
Chaffoteaux O-Ring 60024164-32
Chaffoteaux O-Ring 60024164-20
Chaffoteaux O-Ring 60024164-10
Chaffoteaux Air Pressure Switch - 61306697-01
Chaffoteaux PRV 60081980
Chaffoteaux PRV 61400225
Chaffoteaux Temperature Selector 60040802
Chaffoteaux Mechanical Programmer Kit 1305009
Chaffoteaux Gasket 60081722
Chaffoteaux Right Hand Block: Britony SE 61301936
Chaffoteaux Microswitch 61301904
Chaffoteaux Diaphragm 60025809-30
chaffoteaux Solenoid Valve Kit 60081836
Chaffoteaux Pressure Sensor 61310364
Chaffoteaux Short Circuit Valve Kit - 60081178
Chaffoteaux Water Control - 61305290
Chaffoteaux Bypass Body - 61016387
Chaffoteaux Air Pressure Switch - 61307335-01
Chaffoteaux Air Pressure Switch - 61306697
Chaffoteaux Linking Tube - 61012808
Chaffoteaux Water Heat Exchanger - 61302409-01
Chaffoteaux Gas Section - 60053115
Chaffoteaux Washer - 60061857-18
Chaffoteaux Microswitch - 61001338
Chaffoteaux Pressure Sensor - 61003495
Chaffoteaux Stopped Water Throttle Body - 61012743
Chaffoteaux Top Interface System - 61014228
Chaffoteaux Overheat Thermostat - 61010572
Chaffoteaux Pilot Injector - 60049378
Chaffoteaux Clip Pin - 61016207
Chaffoteaux Pump Kit - 61010612
Water Section Assembly
Chaffoteaux Left Hand Block 61010003
Chaffoteaux Diaphragm Kit 60081977
Chaffoteaux Flexible Pipe 61301998
Chaffoteaux Thermocouple and Overheat Thermostat 110C 60054631
Chaffoteaux Burner Manifold 16 Injector 61010175
Chaffoteaux Thermocouple 60074432
Chaffoteaux Ignition Electrode 61002801
Chaffoteaux Ionization Electrode 61002802
Chaffoteaux Grommet 60035732
Chaffoteaux Water Service Tap Kit 60081289
Chaffoteaux Gas Service Tap Kit 60081288
Chaffoteaux Thermocouple 60057703
Chaffoteaux Pilot Kit 60081161
Chaffoteaux Water Governor Kit 61001911
Chaffoteaux O-Ring Gasket 60061856-13
Chaffoteaux Cam Kit 60081165
Chaffoteaux Water Section Repair Kit 60100142-20
Chaffoteaux Combi O-Ring 60024164-22
Chaffoteaux Gasket Set 60081985
Chaffoteaux O-Ring 60024164-15
Chaffoteaux O-Ring 60021061-07
Chaffoteaux O-Ring 60024164-51
Chaffoteaux Venturi 61310050
Chaffoteaux Knob Set 60100047-10
Chaffoteaux Knob Set 60081979
Chaffoteaux Cold Water Knob 61001499
Chaffoteaux Hot Water Knob 61001498
Chaffoteaux Gas Control Knob 61001495
Chaffoteaux Knobs Set 60075065
Chaffoteaux Black Knob 61011699
Chaffoteaux White Knob 61010740
Chaffoteaux Water Filter 60039803
Chaffoteaux Gas Filter 60037309
Chaffoteaux Heat Exchanger 61011164
Chaffoteaux Water Section Assembly 61009867
Chaffoteaux Change Over Valve Assembly 60078088
Chaffoteaux Solenoid Valves Kit 60081030
Chaffoteaux Solenoid Valves Kit 60081003
Chaffoteaux Heat Exchanger 61001974
Chaffoteaux PCB 60000469
Chaffoteaux PCB - Regulator 61010047
Chaffoteaux Britony PCB - Power 61010592
Chaffoteaux PCB 60066644
Chaffoteaux Printed Circuit Board 60079333
Chaffoteaux Change Over Valve Assembly 60046906
Chaffoteaux Gas Section Assembly 61010344
Chaffoteaux Spindle and Bearing Plate Assembly 60031816
Chaffoteaux R/H Hydraulic Block 61010167
Chaffoteaux Change Over Valve 60078403
Chaffoteaux PCB 60000571
Chaffoteaux Fan Assembly 61304720
Chaffoteaux Fan Assembly 61304721
Chaffoteaux Gas & Water Section Assembly 60053046
Chaffoteaux Water Governor Kit 60100120-20
Chaffoteaux Electrode & Lead Assembly 60060703
Chaffoteaux Motor Three-Way Valve 61302410
Chaffoteaux Thermocouple 60035087
Chaffoteaux Three-Way Diverter Valve 61010000
Chaffoteaux Water Throttle Head Assembly 60081471
Ferroli Flue and Plume Kit 041042G0
Ferroli Mechanical Clock ZU0800510
Ferroli DHW Heat Exchanger 39835630
Ferroli Fan 39846060
Ferroli PCB 39845840
Ferroli Electrode Lead 39837720
Ferroli Gas Valve 39828050
Ferroli Gasket 39821711
Ferroli Electrode 39819430
Ferroli Flowswitch 39818550
Ferroli PCB 39807680
Ferroli Extrenal Compensator 013018X0
Ferroli Combustion Chamber Gasket 39842400
Ferroli Flow Meter Wire Repair Kit 39846050
Ferroli Thermostat 39841790
Ferroli Lead 39838970
Ferroli O-Ring 39837830
Ferroli PCB 39820661
Ferroli Ignition Lead C/W Resistor 39819800
Ferroli Condensate Trap 39817630
Ferroli Ignition Electrode 39810440
Ferrroli Venturi Kit 39808471
Ferroli Electrode 39807470
Ferroli Safety Valve 39800130
Ferroli Wiring Harness 39838940
Ferroli Flowmeter Connection 39837170
Ferroli Manifold 39830560
Ferroli Gasket 39821960
Ferroli Knob 39805750
Ferroli Plug 35006150
Ferroli Gas Valve 39846140
ferroli Diverter Valve Motor 39835390
Ferroli Fan Assembly 39821580
Ferroli PCB 39812270
Ferroli PCB 39810870
Ferroli Fan Assembly - 24kW 39806885
Ferroli Flue 1KWMR53A
Ferroli Double Stat 39819550
Ferroli PCB 39818330
Ferroli Universal Time Clock 39803831
Ferroli Flow Meter 39846880
Ferroli Filling Loop Valve 39840720
Ferroli Trap Kit 39029701
Ferroli Fan Assembly 30KW 39817710
Ferroli Fan Assembly 39817650
Ferroli Pump 39818450
Ferroli NTC Sensor 39818370
Ferroli Safety Valve 39818270
Ferroli Low Water Pressure Switch 39818260
Ferroli Control Set 39817570
Ferroli Expansion Vessel 8 Litre 39812140
Ferroli O-Ring Set 39811420
Ferroli Diverter Valve 39810940
Ferroli Pump Assembly 39810850
Ferroli Ceramic Burner 39810670
Ferroli O-Ring Set 39810350
Safety Valve: 3 Bar 39809740
Ferroli Knob Kit Thermostatic & Selector Switch 39808930
Ferroli Gas Valve 39810420
Ferroli Expansion Vessel 39809690
Ferroli Electrodes Kit 39808800
Ferroli Modena 32C HE Combi Boiler
Ferroli Sensor 39806670
Ferroli Condensate Tray Plate 39806570
Ferroli Low Water Pressure Switch 39806180
Ferroli Fan 39803860
Ferroli Gasket 39800530
Ferroli Sensor 39800310
Ferroli Lead Set 39837790
Ferroli Flow Switch 39820820
Ferroli Air Vent Separator 39810370
Ferroli Display PCB 39810380
Ferroli Condensate Trap 39821660
Ferroli Air Spearator 39820950
Ferroli Flowswitch 39818551
Ferroli Flow Meter 39820450
Ferroli Standard Flue Kit 041025G0
Ferroli Plume Kit (Retro Fit) 041003G0
Ferroli Pitched Roof Tile 1KWMA82U
Ferroli 1M Flue Extension 1KWMA57W
Ferroli Vertical Flue Adaptor 041002X0
Ferroli 45 deg. Bend 1KWMA64A
Ferroli 90 deg. Bend 1KWMR81U
Ferroli Vertical Terminal 1KWUK356
Ferroli Telescopic Flue 041049G0
Ferroli Digital Timer 013001X0
Ferroli Modena 27C HE Combi Boiler
Ferroli Valve Set 39025200
Ferroli Fan Assembly 30KW 39805890
Ferroli Automatic Air Vent 39801160
Ferroli Fan Assembly 39805830
Ferroli Pump 39820900
Ferroli PCB 39821523
Ferroli Diverter Valve 39820441
Ferroli PCB 39804870
Ferroli Clip Kit 39826260
Ferroli Plug 39838830
Ferroli Test Point 39805600
Ferroli Venturi 39809790
Ferroli Pressure Gauge 39818210
Ferroli Venturi 39805611
Ferroli Knob Set 39808790
Ferroli Maxima 35 Pressure Gauge 39809750
Ferroli Combi 76FF Thermostat 39801270
Ferroli Air Pressure Switch 39805630
Ferroli Air Pressure Switch 39800140
Ferroli Sensor - Flow 100?C 39821530
Ferroli Overheat Thermostat 39805650
Ferroli Limit Thermostat 39800170
Ferroli Thermostat 39800180
Ferroli Sensor 39810220
Ferroli Limit Thermostat 39800160
Ferroli Ignition Electrode 39800280
Ferroli Electrode - Flame Sensing 39805670
Ferroli Electrode 39806200
Ferroli Domicompact B Ignition Electrode 39812170
Ferroli Maxima 35 Low Water Pressure Sensor 39809470
Ferroli Pressure Gauge 39806330
Ferroli O-Ring Kit 39807230
Ferroli Washer Kit 39812340
Ferroli Domicompact F24 B O-Ring - Set 39817620
Ferroli Sensor - Low Water Pressure Kit 39818770
Ferroli Flow Meter 39805910
Ferroli Expansion Vessel 7L 39804890
Ferroli Expansion Vessel 7L 39800960
Ferroli Optimax 25 Pump Assembly 39810780
Ferroli Pump Assembly 39808300
Ferroli Gas Valve 39800540
Ferroli PCB 39802540
Ferroli PCB 39804990
Ferroli PCB 39803410
Ferroli Safety Valve 39805920
Ferroli Gas Valve 39808000
Ferroli Combi FF PCB 39800070
Ferroli Gas Valve 39804000
Ferroli Flow Meter 39804220
Ferroli Flow Meter 39800120
Ferroli Gauge 39800300
Ferroli Sensor c/w Bracket 39810340
Ferroli Domicompact Gas Valve 39812190
Ferroli PCB - Ignition 39820320
Ferroli Maxima 35 PCB 39810430
Ferroli Fan Assembly 39803510
Ferroli PCB 39812370
Ferroli PCB 39807690
Ferroli Fan Assembly 39800440
Ferroli Sigma PCB - Control 39808380
Ferroli Gas Valve 39821650
Ferroli PCB 39804831
Ferroli NTC sensor 39805620
Glowworm Electrode Kit 0020152564
Glowworm Burner Gasket 0020020729
Glowworm Thermostat 429186
Glowworm Thermostat c77p0104
Glowworm Thermostat C26P0641
Glowworm Thermostat C77P0114
Glowworm Thermostat CL6P0142
Glowworm Thermostat CL6P0129
Glowworm O-Ring 0020026404
Glowworm Telescopic Flue A2043600
Worcester Conversion Kit 87182252430
Glowworm DHW Heat Exchanger 0020038534
Glowworm Flue Duct Front Assy 0020020718
Glowworm Flue Hood Gasket 0020020721
Glowworm Gasket 801688
Glowworm 3 Way Valve Motor S801052
Glowworm Pump S149100104
Glowworm Fan 0020061578
Glowworm Fan Assembly 0020037309
Glowworm Pump 0020023217
Glowworm Expansion Vessel 8l 801666
Glowworm Fan S801040
Glowworm Sanitary Block 2000802131
Glowworm Pump 50kW 2000801830
Vaillant Connection Tube 0020068958
Glowworm Condensate Trap 0020020723
Glowworm Housing & Gaskets S801196
Glowworm Heat Exchanger S801195
Glowworm Mechanical Timer A20086
Glowworm Heat Exchanger 2000801899
Glowworm Mechanical Timer 2000800089
Glowworm Heat Exchanger 0020037830
Glowworm Hydraulic Block 0020025277
Glowworm Siphon 0020013711
Glowworm Nut S204157
Glowworm Connector S202095
Glowworm O-Ring 2000802532
Glowworm Electronic Control Module 2000801326
Glowworm Electronic Control Module 2000801325
Glowworm Gas Valve 2000801182
Glowworm Gas Section 2000800482
Glowworm Auto Air Vent 2000800153
Glowworm Safety Valve 0020038711
Glowworm Gas Section 0020038539
Glowworm Safety Valve 0020025271
Glowworm Ignition Module 0020023214
Glowworm Valve 0020014168
Glowworm Fan 2000800478
Glowworm Membrane Cover S801201
Glowworm Sight Glass S411194
Glowworm Air Pressure Switch S230357
Glowworm Air Pressure Switch S230000
Glowworm Pressure Relief Valve S204544
Glowworm Air Pressure Switch S204536
Glowworm Safety Valve 2000801904
Glowworm Auto Air Vent 2000801898
Glowworm Viewing Glass Set 2000801640
Glowworm Water Pressure Switch 2000800150
Glowworm Pressure Switch 0020064058
Glowworm Flow Sensor 0020027669
Glowworm O-Ring 801652
Glowworm O-Ring 801626
Glowworm Control Thermostat 800271
Glowworm Gasket S801216
Glowworm Control Thermostat S800850
Glowworm Control Thermostat S800849
Glowworm Electrode S800188
Glowworm Pressure Switch Adaptor S226043
Glowworm Injector S203516
Glowworm Injector S203508
Glowworm Injector S203096
Glowworm Injector 2.5mm S203056
Glowworm Electrode S202616
Glowworm Interruptor S202428
Glowworm Overheat Thermostat 2000801232
Glowworm Thermistor 2000800504
Glowworm Phial Pocket Split Pin 2000800425
Glowworm Pilot Tube 2000800159
Glowworm Spindle 0020061645
Glowworm Spindle Grey 0020061644
Glowworm Control Electrode 0020061573
Glowworm Membrane 0020027602
Glowworm Wire 0020027600
Glowworm Thermostat 800205
Glowworm Pilot Tube 800047
Glowworm Adhessive Ring S51936004
Glowworm Oxypilot Assembly S451477
Glowworm Pilot Burner S230209
Glowworm Air Pressure Switch S227032
Glowworm O-Ring S208763
Glowworm O-Ring S208731
Glowworm O-Ring S208729
Glowworm Sight Glass S208302
Glowworm Sight Glass Gasket S208093
Glowworm O-Ring S208040
Glowworm CH Connection Connector S205894
Glowworm Pipe Restrictor S204902
Glowworm Pilot Injector S203509
Glowworm Thermistor 2000802635
Glowworm Control Harness 2000801980
Glowworm Sealing Ring 2000801949
Glowworm Flame Sensing Electrode 2000801887
Glowworm Inner Door Seal 1765mm 2000801843
Glowworm Mains Inlet Harness 2000801814
Glowworm Ignition Rod Cable 2000801728
Glowworm Inner Door Seal 1390mm 2000801705
Glowworm Overheat Thermostat 2000801179
Glowworm Thermistor 2000801005
Glowworm Water Pressure Switch 2000800656
Glowworm O-Ring 0020061588
Glowworm NTC Sensor 0020038695
Glowworm Ignitor 0020038694
Glowworm Cap 0020031334
Glowworm Microswitch 0020027569
Glowworm Thermistor 0020025233
Glowworm Water Pressure Sensor 0020023216
Glowworm Washer 0020020711
Glowworm Low Voltage Harness 802154
Glowworm Chasis Front Seal 801736
Glowworm Clip 801675
Glowworm Zig Ignitor 801655
Glowworm Pilot Tube 800085
Glowworm Thermistor Assembly 432867
Glowworm Oxy Pilot Assembly 174578
Glowworm Overheat Thermostat S92760060
Glowworm Heating NTC Sensor S045002485
Glowworm Temperature Sensor S801203
Glowworm Injector S205708
Glowworm Timer S202916
Glowworm Air Pressure Switch 2000801862
Glowworm Thermostat 0020061584
Glowworm Left Ignition Electrode 0020061572
Glowworm Right Ignition Electrode 0020061571
Glowworm Air Pressure Switch 0020053615
Glowworm NTC Sensor 0020038689
Glowworm Overheat Thermostat 801724
Glowworm Timer 0020061649
Glowworm Actuator S801198
Glowworm Fan Gasket S212134
Glowworm Electrode S202625
Glowworm Pump/Heat Exchanger Pipe 2000802479
Glowworm Ingnition Electrode 2000802462
Glowworm Filling Loop 2000801908
Glowworm Ignition Wiring Harness 2000801812
Glowworm Pressure Gauge 2000801166
Glowworm Overheat Thermostat 2000800608
Glowworm Water Press Switch 2000800354
Glowworm Pressure Sensor 0020079644
Glowworm Valve Set 0020061672
Glowworm Condensate Pipe 0020061628
Glowworm System Pressure Sensor 0020038532
Glowworm Flow Switch Conductor 0020038511
Glowworm Connection Piece 0020038227
Glowworm Overheat Thermostat 800272
Glowworm Pilot Electrode 417268
Glowworm Diverter Valve Needles S801197
Glowworm Water Cock S230403
Glowworm Control Thermostat S202571
Glowworm Flow Switch Platon 2000800136
Glowworm Water Cock 22mm 0020027544
Glowworm Fan Assembly 800876
Glowworm PCB Replacement Kit 2000801391
Glowworm Fan Assembly 2000801380
Glowworm Display PCB 0020038061
Glowworm Fan Assy 800274
Glowworm Fan Assembly 800256
Glowworm Fan Assembly 417135
Glowworm PCB S227066
Glowworm PCB Kit 2000802497
Glowworm PCB 2000802038
Glowworm PCB 2000801310
Glowworm PCB 417281
Glowworm PCB S202078
Glowworm PCB Kit 2000802507
Glowworm Gas Valve 2000801891
Glowworm PCB 2000801441
Glowworm Gas Valve 2000801020
Glowworm Gas Valve 2000800208
Glowworm PCB 2000800207
Glowworm Gas Section 800442
Glowworm Transformer S202810
Glowworm Interface 0200250202
Glowworm Main PCB 0020027631
Glowworm Tube Flow Link 0020020749
Glowworm Fan Connector 802044
Glowworm Gas Section 800744
Glowworm Gas Valve 426766
Glowworm Gas Section S230502
Glowworm Gas Secton 2000802664
Glowworm Gas Section Replacement Kit 2000802442
Glowworm Gas Valve 2000801978
Glowworm Gas Valve 2000801590
Glowworm Gas Valve 2000801288
Glowworm Gas Valve 2000801169
Glowworm Gas Valve 2000801136
Glowworm Gas Valve Kit 2000801129
Glowworm Gas Valve 2000800158
Glowworm Gas Valve 2000800001
Glowworm Gas Valve 0020023220
Glowworm Gas Valve 0020020735
Glowworm Thermostat 416189
Glowworm PCB 2000801990
Glowworm Main PCB 0020023825
Glowworm 3 Way Valve Motor 2000801912
Glowworm 3 Way Valve Cartridge 2000801903
Glowworm PCB 2000802731
Glowworm Earth Wire - 700mm 2000801810
Glowworm Gasket Electrode 801638
Glowworm Sanitary Filter 2000801906
Glowworm PRV 0020061610
Glowworm Thermocouple 900001
Glowworm Expansion Vessel 0020061657
Glowworm PCB 2000801991
Glowworm Oxypilot S203443
Glowworm PCB 0020061654
Glowworm PRV 0020014173
Glowworm Water Service Cock S208217
Glowworm Sight Window Frame SAA049M
Glowworm Heating Cock 2000801937
Glowworm NTC Thermistor 2000801726
Glowworm Solenoid S800140
Glowworm Pilot Burner S203434
Glowworm Pilot Burner S203431
Glowworm Thermostat 0020038550
Glowworm Thermostat 2000801913
Glowworm Safety Device 2000800726
Glowworm Pilot Pipe & Nuts 800441
Glowworm Pilot Burner S203429
Glowworm Summer-Winter Knob 432902
Glowworm Siphon S205877
Glowworm Pilot Burner S203416
Glowworm Thermistor 801787
Glowworm Pilot Tube 800068
Glowworm Pilot Burner S203415
Glowworm Pilot Burner S203432
Glowworm Thermostat 2000800399
Glowworm Fan Seal 801689
Glowworm Tap 801679
Glowworm Pilot Bracket S203414
Glowworm Oxypilot S203438
Glowworm O-ring S208732
Glowworm O-ring 0020014183
Glowworm Overheat Thermostat and Heatsink 800259
Glowworm Pressure Gauge and Insulation 2000800340
Glowworm Flow Switch S801189
Glowworm Oxypilot 2000800772
Glowworm Motor/Pump Assembly S801193
Glowworm Motor/Pump S801192
Glowworm Pump Kit 2000800115
Glowworm Injector S205710
Glowworm Overheat Thermostat 2000801183
Glowworm Overheat Thermostat 432869
Glowworm Clock Blanking Plate 802282
Glowworm Flow Sensor 0020061608
Glowworm Flow Sensor S227002
Glowworm Electrode S900500
Glowworm Electrode S202641
Glowworm Filling Loop Valve 2000802600
Glowworm Fan 0020023215
Glowworm Electrode S202635
Glowworm Electrode S202629
Glowworm Electrode S202627
Glowworm Electrode S202626
Glowworm Electrode S202621
Glowworm Electrode S202600
Glowworm 3 Way Valve S021002478
Glowworm Electrode S202605
Glowworm Membrane S801191
Glowworm Control Thermostat 2000800439
Glowworm Control Knob 2000800400
Glowworm Cap With Sealing 2000802153
Glowworm Bypass Valve S801202
Glowworm Air Vent S801186
Glowworm Air Pressure Switch S202232
Glowworm Air Pressure Switch S202135
Glowworm Air Pressure Switch 0020053616
Glowworm Air Pressure Switch 0020053614
Glowworm Air Pressure Switch 801764
Glowworm Pump Housing S801185
Glowworm Plate to Plate Heat Exchanger 2000801831
Glowworm Diverter Valve 2000802483
Glowworm Burner 35kW 2000802662
Glowworm Fan S457077
Glowworm Fan S227033
Glowworm Fan A000037255
Glowworm Fan 2000800532
Glowworm Fan 2000800432
Glowworm Fan 2000800431
Glowworm Fan 0020061578
Glowworm Fan 801645
Glowworm Fan 800276
Glowworm Fan 0020020734
Glowworm Fan 800202
Glowworm Fan 440179
Glowworm Fan 438046
Glowworm Motor Pump - S801184
Glowworm Electrode - 0020020731
Glowworm System Pressure Sensor - 2000801911
Glowworm Sealing Rings - 0020014182
Glowworm Z Pipe - 2000802482
Glowworm Thermister - 2000801935
Glowworm On Off Switch - 2000801930
Glowworm Motor Pump - 2000801857
Glowworm Fan Assembly - 2000800529
Glowworm Fan Assembly - 2000452316
Glowworm Fan Assembly - S227035
Glowworm Fan Assembly - 801386
Glowworm Fan 2000457412
Glowworm Fan 2000800430
Glowworm Seal Heat Exchanger Door 801635
Glowworm Fan S227034
Glowworm PCB (5 Wire - 1 Fuse) S900817
Glowworm PCB (7 Wire - 2 Fuse) S900847
Glowworm Fan Assembly 2000800421
Glowworm Microswitch S801199
Glowworm Low Water Pressure Switch 2000801181
Glowworm Ultimate FF Air Pressure Switch S202201
Glowworm Swiftflow E Main PCB S202253
Glowworm Compact 100 Sealed System Main PCB S227095
Glowworm Transformer SK8968
Glowworm Compact E Pressure Relief Valve 2000801208
Glowworm Main PCB S227067
Glowworm GW PCB Option Board 2000801923
Glowworm Derwent FF Main PCB S202211
Glowworm Heat Exchanger Assembly S801194
Glowworm Swiftflow 100 PCB 800878
Glowworm Flexicom Appliance Interface 0020023826
Glowworm Compact E Main PCB S227106
Glowworm Swiftflow PCB 800877
Glowworm GW PCB Interface Card 0020027897
Glowworm GW 30CXI Heat Exchanger 801837
Glowworm GW Pump Block 2000801901
Glowworm GW Flow Sensor 2000801910
Glowworm GW Flexible Hose 0020057359
Glowworm Flexicom Main PCB (BMU) 0020023825
Glowworm Compact E Sanibloc Assembly S801204
Glowworm Pump Complete 0020014171
Glowworm Fan 432828
Heatline Wiring Harness 3003200112
Heatline Motor D003200039
Ideal Return Group Kit 176603
Heatline Condensing Trap D001060242
Heatline Pipe D004551027
Heatline Fan D003202165
Heatline Fan D003201367
Heatline Star 24 Expansion Vessel (8L) D002209450
Heatline Gas Valve D003201365
Heatline Diverter Valve D003201221
Heatline Solaris Heat Exchanger D003200897
Heatline PCB D003200012
Heatline PCB D003200601
Heatline Sight Glass D003202233
Heatline PRV D003201638
Heatline Screw D003200204
Heatline Screw D003200057
Heatline Gasket Set D001060001
Heatline Condense Trap Kit D000000010
Heatline Ionisation Electrode Lead D004004607
Heatline Ionisation Electrode D003202102
Heatline O-Ring D003201855
Heatline Washer Ruber D003201307
Heatline Condensate Hose D003201098
Heatline Control Knob D003200507
Heatline Selector Knob D003200181
Heatline Spindle D003200089
Heatline Knob D003200086
Heatline O-Ring D003200047
Heatline Special Shaped Pin D002191055
Heatline NTC Sensor D002185065
Heatline NTC D002185060
Heatline Fiber Washer D002024891
Heatline 15mm x 1/2" Swivel Hot Outlet Elbow D002160280-HOE
Heatline 22mm x 3/4" Swivel Heating Flow Valve D002160280-22RH
Heatline 22mm x 3/4" Swivel Return Valve C/W Filter D002160280-22BH
Heatline 15mm x1/2" Swivel Domestic Water Inlet Valve D002160280-15BH
Heatline 22mm x 3/4" Swivel Gas Isolation Valve D00216028-22YH
Heatline Low Pressure Sensor D003200037
Heatline Clip D003200005
Heatline Hex Clip D003201544
Heatline Pressure Relief Valve D003202557
Heatline Programme Timer D003201937
Heatline Mikrofill Ethos 24C Hydroblock Diaphragm D002192607
Heatline Valve Set D002160280
Heatline Cross-Lighting Strip D003200973
Heatline Mikrofill Ethos 24C Selector Knob D002120600
Heatline Clip D003200004
Heatline Capriz Gasket D002024882
Heatline Compact Gasket D002024882
Heatline Mikrofill Ethos 24C Gasket D002024882
Heatline Mikrofill Ethos 24C Gasket D002024882
Heatline Sargon Gasket D002024882
Heatline Solaris Gasket D002024882
Heatline Star 24 Gasket D002024882
Heatline Ignition Electrodes D004090120
Heatline Ionisation Electrode D003200035
Heatline Ignition Electrode D003200033
Heatline Star 24 Spindle D002194497
Heatline O-Ring D003200756
Heatline O-Ring D003200463
Heatline Programme Timer D003200045
Heatline Union D001060023
Heatline Pressure Gauge D004090673
Heatline Lead D003200041
Heatline Air Pressure Switch D002194465
Heatline Air Pressure Switch D003200909
Heatline Overheat Safety Thermostat D003200379
Heatline Clip D003200127
Heatline Capriz Flow Sensor D001060236
Heatline Compact Flow Sensor D001060236
Heatline Sargon Flow Sensor D001060236
Heatline Solaris PC Premix Flow Sensor D001060236
Heatline Soluxe Flow Sensor D001060236
Heatline Capriz Low Water Pressure Switch D003200038
Heatline Compact Low Water Pressure Switch D003200038
Heatline Sargon Low Water Pressure Switch D003200038
Heatline Soluxe Low Water Pressure Switch D003200038
Heatline NTC Sensor D003200152
Heatline Limit Thermostat D003200397
Heatline Pump Assembly D003201336
Heatline Cable Group D004004605
Heatline Plate Heat Exchanger D003200025
Heatline PCB D003202166
Heatline Interface PCB D003200183
Heatline Compact S Main Control PCB D001060232
Heatline Main Control PCB D003201368
Heatline Solaris PCB Interface Card D003200662
Heatline Main Control PCB D004092615
Heatline Main Control PCB D003200907
Heatline Mikrofill Ethos 24C Pump Assembly D004090672
Heatline Fan Assembly D003200906
Heatline Ignition PCB D004092613
Heatline Ignition Electrode D003200034
Heatline 25 Plate Heat Exchanger D001060234
Heatline Star 24 Hydroblock D002194576
Heatline Gas Valve D003200419
Heatline Star 24 Gas Valve D002194930
Heatline Flow Sensor Kit D003201510
Heatline Capriz Flow Sensor Housing D003201529
Heatline Flame Sensing Electrode D004090125
Heatline Fan Assembly D003200020
Heatline Star 24 Fan D007005615
Heatline Expansion Vessel D003200028
Heatline Diverter Valve D003200017
Heatline Clip D003200468
Heatline Cable Adaptor D003201489
Heatline Black Nut Kit D003202082
Heatline Capriz Black Nut Kit D003202082
Heatline Compact Air Pressure Switch D003200136
Heatline Air Pressure Switch D003200032
Heatline Capriz NTC Immersion Sensor D003200031
Honeywell Universal Air Pressure Switch C6065A1028
Honeywell OEM Thermocouple T50-900
Honeywell 1 Day Programmer ST9400S1001
Honeywell Wireless Room Thermostat DT92E1000
Honeywell 7 Wireless Programmable Thermostat CMT927A1049
Honeywell Smartfit T8677A1008
Honeywell Digital Room Thermostat DT90E1012
Honeywell Carbon Monoxide Detector SF450EN
Honeywell 24 Hour Programme ST699B1002
Honeywell Pipe Thermostat L641B1004
Honeywell Tamperproof Room Thermostat T6360
Honeywell Cylinder Thermostat L641A1039
Honeywell Frost Thermostat T4360A1009
Honeywell Programmer ST9400C1000
Honeywell Timer ST9100C1006
Honeywell Chronotherm CM907
Honeywell Chronotherm CM901
Honeywell 28mm Two Port Zone Valve V4043H1106/U
Honeywell 22mm Two Port Zone Valve V4043H1056/U
Honeywell 28mm Mid Position Valve V4073A1088/U
Honeywell 22mm Mid Position Valve V4073A1039/U
Honeywell 15mm Pressure Reducing Valve D04FS
Honeywell Wireless Roomthermostat Y6630D1007
Honeywell Gas Valve V8600C
Honeywell Gas Valve V4700E
Honeywell Gas Valve V4600C
Ideal 60MM Silicon Seal 176570
Ideal Controls Door 172552
Ideal Igniton PCB 154813
Ideal Evo HE PCB Kit 174981
Ideal Expansion Vessel Kit 170989
Ideal Flue 158222
Ideal Motor Clip 172506
Ideal Sensor 172496
Ideal 5m Multipurpose Pump Head 171867
Ideal Flow Turbine Cartridge 175661
Ideal Diverter Valve Cartridge 175411
Ideal Flue Thermostat 173985
Ideal Ignition Lead 175424
Ideal Burner Kit175571
Ideal Gas Valve 172611
Ideal Main Burner 171416
Ideal Gas Valve 075213
Ideal Gas Valve 075212
Ideal DHW Heat Exchanger 173825
Ideal Heat Exchanger 173785
Ideal Pump Head 24 kW 172411
Ideal Heat Exchanger 170995
Ideal Return Group 175552
Ideal Pump 173996
Ideal Diverter Valve Body 173197
Ideal Pump Kit 172606
Ideal Pump 170806
Ideal Gas Valve 170797
Ideal Gas Valve 113057
Ideal Gas Valve 079773
Ideal Gas Valve 171925
Ideal Gas Valve 078596
Ideal Gas Valve 057344
Ideal Gas Valve 004997
Ideal Return Valve Pack 175432
Ideal Gas Valve 174789
Ideal Classic HE Hose Recuperator to Syphon 174119
Ideal Gas Valve 173234
Ideal Pressure Switch Assembly 172588
Ideal Comb Cham Insulation Kit 171405
Ideal Gas Valve 154810
Ideal Pressure Switch 112417
Ideal Air Pressure Switch 111379
Ideal Fan & Burner Mount C/W Electrodes 075168
Ideal Gas Valve 075152
Ideal Gas Valve 075025
Ideal Drain Tap 175506
Ideal Trap To Earth Wiring 174008
Ideal Ignition Unit 173901
Ideal Diaphragm Kit For 3 Way Valve 173495
Ideal Sealed Chamber Gasket Kit 172581
Ideal Control Knob - White 172442
Ideal Overheat Thermostat 172423
Ideal Case Sensing Nipple Kit 170935
Ideal Flowswitch 139717
Ideal Harness 30 Wiring Minimiser 138137
Ideal Electrode & Lead 077364
Ideal Venturi Assembly 075337
Ideal HT lead 460mm 52888
Ideal Pump Washer 013914
Ideal Ignition Electrode 175591
Ideal Ignition Electrode Kit 175406
Ideal Flue Protection Thermostat 174072
Ideal Detection Electrode 173868
Ideal Electrode 172531
Ideal Flame Sensing Electrode Kit 170920
Ideal Flue Sensing Nipple Kit M Series 170901
Ideal Ignition Electrode 136744
Ideal Super Plus Sensing Electrode 134727
Ideal Flame Decting Eletrode100612
Ideal Super Plus Igniton Probe 079778
Ideal Ignition Electrode 077428
Ideal Flame Sensing Electrode 075268
Ideal Ignition Electrode 058390
Ideal Flame Detecting Electrode 058252
Ideal Overheat Stat 174791
Ideal Thermistor Boiler Control 174790
Ideal Overheat Thermostst Kit 174089
Ideal Thermister 174088
Ideal Thermistor 173932
Ideal Limit Thermostat 173353
Ideal Potentiometer Assembly 154974
Ideal Ionisation Probe 079648
Ideal Thermostat D.H.W Assembly 079636
Ideal Pre Heat Thermostat Assembly 079635
Ideal Ignitor Unit 175593
Ideal Flow Sensor Hall Effect 175590
Ideal Clamp Retainning Flue Turret 175581
Ideal Filling Loop Pack 175530
Ideal Flow Valve With Guage 175528
Ideal DHW Pack 175527
Ideal DHW Pack 175526
Ideal Reed Switch 174819
Ideal Boiler Hardware Pack 174111
Ideal Sensor 172421
Ideal Mains Harness Ki 171874
Ideal Main Switch Kit 170933
Ideal Ventrui Seal 152028
Ideal Ignition Electrode 151079
Ideal Spark Generator Assembly 112216
Ideal Grommet Chassis Drain 175639
Ideal O-Ring 174254
Ideal Gasket Set 172437
Ideal Casing Fixing Pack Kit 171478
Ideal O-Ring Kit 171032
Ideal Gasket 075414
Ideal Gasket Pack 075241
Ideal 3/4 Inch Sealing Washer 013324
Ideal Detection Lead 175604
Ideal Thermistor 175594
Ideal Thermistor Clyinder 173209
Ideal Water Pressure Swtch 172667
Ideal Injector Pilot 171435
Ideal Sight Glass Kit 171414
Ideal Sensor 154816
Ideal Ignition Lead 150386
Ideal Thermistor 112289
Ideal Manifold Gasket Set 079662
Ideal Pilot Burner 079356
Ideal Plastic Impellor 069929
Ideal Pressure Switch 004498
Ideal Spark Generator 003939
Ideal Return Thermister 176482
Ideal Diverter Valve Complete 176479
Ideal Flow Sensor 176473
Ideal Diverter Valve Motor 176458
Ideal Pump Head 175670
Ideal Gas Valve 175562
Ideal Pump Kit 175555
Ideal Pump Manifold 174990
Ideal Ignition Lead 175598
Ideal PCB 174980
Ideal Valve - Pressure Governor 173199
Ideal Low Water Pressure Switch 172424
Ideal Fan Assembly 175569
Ideal Fan Assembly 174065
Ideal Fan Assembly 173525
Ideal Fan Assembly 172642
Ideal Fan Assembly 077838
Ideal Fan Assembly 171463
Ideal Fan Assembly 139368
Ideal Fan Assembly 138923
Ideal Fan Assembly 136728
Ideal Fan Assembly 079888
Ideal Pre-heat Disablement Kit 202310
Ideal Water Pressure Sensor 175596
Ideal Flue Manifold Top 175578
Ideal Water Pressure Switch 174755
Ideal Pressure Relief Valve 172419
Ideal Water Pressure Switch Kit 173227
Ideal Temp & Pressure Relief Valve 173202
Ideal Thermostatic Mixing Valve 173201
Ideal Flow Group Kit 172509
Ideal DHW Flow Switch 172420
Ideal Pilot Pipe Assy 078245
Ideal Siphon Trap Kit 175583
Ideal Condensate Hose 175582
Ideal Hydroblock Gasket Kit 175549
Ideal Trap Connector Hose 174831
Ideal Trap & Seal Kit 174793
Ideal Condensate Hose 174206
Ideal Pipe Seal Kit 174166
Ideal Siphon Kit 174120
Ideal S Trap Kit 174090
Ideal Flow Restrictor 173543
Ideal Flow Restrictor 173539
Ideal Main Water Filter 173212
Ideal Pressure Guage 172551
Ideal Casing Seal & JKT Screws Kit 171479
Ideal Pressure Guage 113089
Ideal Casing Seal C/W Fixing Kit 079594
Ideal Siphon Box Kit 076818
Ideal Wiring Harness Kit 176108
Ideal Fan Harness 173531
Ideal Fan Harness 173530
Ideal Burner Earth Pin 171845
Ideal Wiring Harness 175423
Ideal Filling Loop Pack 174825
Ideal Diverter Valve Head 174813
Ideal Istor Wiring Harness Kit 174279
Ideal Isar Wiring Harness 174278
Ideal Thermostat Kit 174186
Ideal Diaphram Assy 174056
Ideal Overheat Stat Kit 173364
Ideal Thermostat 171970
Ideal Auto Air Vent 170988
Ideal Overheat Stat 138719
Ideal Dry Fire Stat 111854
Ideal Thermostat 110541
Ideal Thermostat 078898
Ideal 15mm Valve Assy 075263
Ideal Overheat Thermostat 059353
Ideal Over Heat Stat 004879
Ideal Thermostat 003178
Ideal Control Stat 111853
Ideal Diverter Valve Cartridge 175668
Ideal Flow Turbine Cartridge 175662
Ideal Turbine Cartridge 175660
Ideal Diverter Valve Cartridge 174814
Ideal Diverter Valve Cartridge Kit 174200
Ideal Twin Flue Pipe Extension 200095
Ideal Electrode 077409
Ideal Heat Exchanger 175418
Ideal Pilot Burner 100863
Ideal ODS Oxypilot 175247
Ideal Main Switch Kit 173537
Ideal Pcb 132789
Ideal Turret - Gasket Kit M 171022
Ideal Pilot Burner 171142
Ideal 45 deg. Elbow 203131
Ideal Electrode 175592
Ideal 1 m Flue Extension 203129
Ideal Potentiometer Assembly 111809
Ideal Flue Elbow 154187
Ideal Flue Extension 155987
Ideal Vertical Flue 152254
Ideal High Level Flue Outlet Kit 1M x 60mm Extension 201892
Ideal Flue Extension Pipe 80mm 152260
Ideal Horizontal Air Terminal Kit 200094
Ideal Adaptor Twin Flue To 60/100 200112
Ideal 45 deg. Elbow Kit 152256
Ideal Vertical Flue Connector 156405
Ideal Twin Pipe Connector Kit 200092
Ideal Slip Coupling 80mm 201175
Ideal High Level Flue Outlet Kit 45 deg. x 60mm Elbow 201894
Ideal High Level Flue Outlet Kit 90 deg.x 60mm Elbow 201893
Ideal Pressure Switch 004187
Ideal Mini C HE S 24 Air Pressure Switch 173236
Ideal Icos HE Overheat Thermostat 170918
Ideal Classic FF RS SE Detection Electrode 171442
Ideal Mini C HE S Probe Holder 075436
Ideal Icos HE Detection Lead 173511
Ideal Controls Knobs - Grey 172480
Ideal Classic NF NFP RS SE Potentiometer Knob & Cap Kit 171504
Ideal Classic NF NFP RS SE Air Box & Gasket Kit 171455
Ideal Mini C HE S O-ring Gasket 173821
Ideal Mini C HE S Bypass Pipe Fixing Fork 075411
Ideal Classic FF Pressure Switch Assembly 112328
Ideal Isar DHW Inlet Pipe Kit 171050
Ideal Mini C HE S Safety Valve 172494
Ideal Mexico CF FF RS Injector - Pilot Burner HW 003825
Ideal SE Pressure Relief Valve 075146
Ideal Istor HE Valve - Pressure Relief 173204
Ideal SE Ignition Electrode Assembly 075150
Ideal Classic RS Thermocouple - 18 Inch 111880
Ideal Thermostat Harness Kit 171872
Ideal Classic FF NF NFP SE Potentiometer c/w Harness Kit 171877
Ideal Minimiser Flame Sensing Electrode Assembly 075162
Ideal Excel HE Wiring Harness Complete 173896
Ideal Isar HE Detection Lead 173512
Ideal Mexico HE Ignition Lead 173510
Ideal Isar PCB User Controls Harness 171041
Ideal turbo 2 Flame Sensing Lead 135531
Ideal 22mm Flow Kit 174559
Ideal Diverter Valve Cartridge Kit 173967
Ideal Mini Diverter Valve Kit 172507
Ideal Sprint Rapide Bore Straight - Isolating Valve 113027
Ideal Isar HE User Controls Kit 173533
Ideal Icos HE User Controls Kit 173532
Ideal Isar HE Programmer Kit 174487
Ideal SE Gas Module Display BD 139349
Ideal Classic User Controls Kit 170929
Ideal Temperature Probe NTC 075417
Ideal Evo Spark Generator Kit 173538
Ideal Response Spark Generator Assembly 151355
Ideal Mexico CF RS Sight Glass Assembly 079334
Ideal Hardware Kit Box 174238
Ideal Classic M Combustion Chamber Insulation Kit 172626
Ideal Classic FF RS SE Gasket / Grommet & Bush Kit 171887
Ideal Evo HE Gasket Kit - Complete Boiler 170940
Ideal Elan 2 Limit Thermostat Interrupter Lead Assembly 130787
Ideal Evo Thermistor Kit 10K 174087
Ideal Classic NF NFP RA SE Limit Thermostat 171950
Ideal Mexico Super CF FF RS Control Thermostat 151903
Ideal HE Thermistor - CH/DHW 150260
Ideal Evo HE Thermistor Boiler Control Kit 170917
Ideal Elan 2 CF F FP NF NFP RS Control Thermostat 013472
Ideal Icos HE Dry Fire Thermostat Kit 170916
Ideal Elan 2 CF F FP NF NFP RS Control Thermostat 079634
Ideal C Thermistor Overheat 075435
Ideal Minimiser FF SE Overheat Thermostat - On Flow Pipe 076817
Ideal Sensor Assy Electronic Thermostat 013248
Ideal C Safety Valve - 1/2 Inch 075413
Ideal Classic FF NFP RS Injector - Pilot Burner 171436
Ideal Mexico Super FF RS Pilot Burner Assembly 075291
Ideal Isar O-ring Kit - Hydroblock 171031
Ideal Mini C HE S O-ring - Bypass Pipe 075412
Ideal Mini C HE S Heat Exchanger O-rings 075401
Ideal Mini C HE O-ring Gasket 172508
Ideal Isar S-Trap Connector Hose Kit 171855
Ideal Classic NF Manifold Gasket - Air Box 113157
Ideal Mini C HE S Microswitch Kit 075419
Ideal Gas Valve 174548
Ideal Gas Valve 174465
Ideal Classic FF RS SE Gas Valve Kit 171441
Ideal Isar HE Gas Valve Kit 171035
Ideal Mexico Super CF FF RS Gas Valve Assembly 170664
Ideal Classic NF NFP Gas Valve c/w O-ring & Gasket 079600
Ideal Elan 2 CF RS Gas Valve c/w O-ring & Gasket 079591
Ideal Mini Magnetic Flow Switch & Filter 172502
Ideal Diverter Valve Kit 174685
Ideal Diverter Valve Manifold Kit 173965
Ideal Excel HE Diverter Valve 173879
Ideal Isar HE Diverter Valve Kit 173624
Ideal Mini Return Group Kit 172499
Ideal Europa Diverter Valve 172422
Ideal Isar HE Diverter Valve Manifold Kit 171025
Ideal Icos HE S-Trap Kit 174244
Ideal Mini C HE S Automatic Air Vent 173813
Ideal Europa 28 Automatic Air Vent 172418
Ideal Mini C S Air Pressure Switch 172589
Ideal Isar HE Pump Manifold Kit 171037
Ideal Mini HE Pump Motor 174013
Ideal Mini C S Pump Motor 173776
Ideal Mini C S Pump + 2 O-rings 172610
Ideal Excel HE DHW Plate Heat Exchanger Kit 173545
Ideal Excel HE DHW Plate Heat Exchanger 173544
Ideal Evo HE Ignition Electrode Kit 173528
Ideal Minimiser FF SE Ignition Electrode Assembly 075269
Ideal Evo HE Flame Sensing Electrode 173529
Ideal Mini C HE S Ignition Electrode - Left 172533
Ideal Classic FF NF NFP RS Ignition Electrode 113172
Ideal Mexico Super CF RS Ignition Electrode 078292
Ideal Detection Electrode 075430
Ideal Turbo 12 Electrode 003278
Ideal Classic FF NF Boiler Thermostat / Sensor Harness 137658
Ideal Classic HE Fan Assembly 174066
Ideal Mini HE Fan 173983
Ideal Mini Fan 173253
Ideal Icos HE Fan Kit 172625
Ideal Mini Fan 172598
Ideal Classic FF SE Fan Assembly Kit 171462
Ideal Fan Assembly Kit 171461
Ideal Icos Fan Kit 170909
Ideal Fan Assembly 170813
Ideal Turbo 2 Fan Assembly 135517
Ideal Elan 2 Fan Assembly 131794
Ideal Classic FF Fan Assembly 111947
Ideal Minimiser FF SE Fan Assembly 077839
Ideal Ignition PCB 174469
Ideal Mini HE Logic PCB 174017
Ideal PCB No 41 (replaces No 37) 172853
Ideal Mini Logic PCB 172561
Ideal Europa PCB (95000534) 172436
Ideal PCB 170815
Ideal Primary Control / EMC Retr Kit 157928
Ideal PCB 075434
Ideal Ignition PCB 075433
Ideal PCB No 40 075264
Ideal Primary Control Kit 172490
Ideal Response Fan Speed control board PCB 075265
Ideal Classic FF HE NF SE PCB 173799
Ideal Response Thermistor Sensor 075201
Ideal Classic NF NFP Fan Assembly 137568
Ideal Classic HE15 Fan 174067
Ideal Isar HE Pump Kit 173963
Ideal Mini C HE S Ignition PCB 172548
Ideal Sprint Gas Valve 079657
Ideal Pump KIT 170990
Ideal Printed Circuit Board 174486
Ideal Isar HE User Control Housing Kit 173536
Ideal Isar DHW Thermistor Kit 170996
Ideal Isar Diverter Valve Head Kit 173969
Ideal Diverter Valve Head Kit 173628
Ideal 6 Meter Pump Head 171868
Kane 455 Installer Kit
Kane 6mm Depth Stop Cone 17320
3 Way Tee 8825
Kane Differential Pressure Meter KANE3500-1
Kane Differential Pressure Meter Kane 3200
Kane Gas Leak Detector CD100A
Kane Oil Pressure & Vacuum Test Kit KOPVTK
Kane 455 Boiler alyserser
Kane Replacement Filter Elements PF400/5
Kane 100-1
Kane Air/Liquid Probe KAL1
Kane 100 Kit
Kane Carry Case 17820