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Kane 455.co.uk is a trading name of HeatingSpares247.com Ltd.

We stock a wide range of Kane Gas Analysers, Kane 455, Kane 455 Pro Kit, Kane 455 Kit, Kane 455 CPA1 Kit, Kane Com-Cat Kit, Kane 457, Kane Gas Leak Detectors, Digital Multimeters, infra red thermometers, Digital Thermometers, Rechargeable Batteries, Printer Rolls and much more.

Compact boiler analyser with high accuracy pressure readings. Four line display controlled by 9 position rotary switch. Long life sensors measure CO2 direct (0-20%) and CO (0-2,000ppm). Measures differential pressure and differential temperature. Calculates O2, CO/CO2 ratio, excess air and efficiency for gaseous fuels and light oils (28/35 sec).Infra-red output to printer. Prints reports for combustion, pressure, let-by/tightness, temperature and room CO build up. Fitted with protective rubber sleeve with integral magnet. Supplied with KMCP2 flue probe, 4 NiMh rechargeable batteries, charger, 2 pressure fittings and manual. Also includes ASP2 Appliance Sampling Probe kit, 12V charger, Quick Reference DVD and a large carry case.